Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Heros on the front VS heros on the ground

T20 World cup finally something to talk for the next twenty years and build expectations every year. Truly the heros of our country andthe way our country has rewarded them is commendable. Without taking away anything from their gloroius achievement,i am forced to submit another story that did the rounds in media for a couple of days and died its natural death.
Yes, i am talking about one of our soldier who put down his life for the sake of his coutry fighting on the pakistan border. His family was promised a petrol pump so that they could lead thier life in the absence of bread earner.
It hit me like a live current wire when the soldiers sister was shown begging for a living. What is happening to this nation, why have we become so corrupt that these important things are just negelected.
Why shouldnt a soldier then accept bribe and arrange forhis family decent back up so that if tomorrow he is killed at some war front his family wouldnot need to beg for a living.

If the corporates can give away crores of rupees for heros who have put up a great show and made the entire proud, why cannot the same people honour our soldiers and thier families after all he has put down his life for the country for us.